Hardwood flooring or carpet: Your choice

Hardwood flooring or carpet: Your choice

Shopping for flooring is overwhelming enough. And you probably hear a lot about the hardwood flooring vs. carpet discussion–and that could have your head spinning.

The bottom line is that they're both excellent choices, but the decision ultimately falls on you. It will depend on your style, budget, and needs.

Here's a comparison. It'll help you decide what's best for your home.

Working with any decor

One of the great benefits of wood floors is that they add warmth and charm to any room. They're classic and work easily with any decor.

On the other hand, carpets come in so many styles, constructions, and designs there's something for everyone–and every budget.


Wood flooring lasts for decades and can be incredibly hard and durable.

Ask our hardwood flooring experts about the Janka Scale when shopping for some of the hardest species like oak, maple, ash, or hickory. Anything 1300 and above is considered ultra hard.

Select the right carpet for your lifestyle. It can work well in the busiest, highest foot traffic rooms if it's of good quality.


Both solid and engineered wood flooring can last for decades. Solid has been known to last up to 100 years, while engineered can endure for 50. Learn more in our showroom when shopping for hardwood floors in Mt. Pleasant or Goose Creek, SC.

Carpet has a lifespan of 20 years. Of course, that depends upon quality and care.


When you consider the overall picture, hardwood is relatively cost-effective. It has the highest ROI; prospective buyers often pay more for a home with wood flooring. 

It's also so long-lasting you won't have to worry about costly repairs and replacements. That's pretty nice. 

Carpet is less expensive, and although any home benefits from new, fresh flooring, the carpet does not have much ROI. Also, be careful when comparing carpets; they must be of the same quality, or your results won't be accurate.

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