Here’s how to know if tile flooring is right for you

Here’s how to know if tile flooring is right for you

Are you wondering if tile flooring is right for your home? Tile combines aesthetics and function and can last for decades.

Here are some things to think about if you’re considering this flooring.

Style, sophistication, and versatility

Porcelain and ceramic tiles look good in any room, from the kitchen to the living room. Some use it in the bedroom, especially in hot, sunny climates.

There's a tile type to suit every installation. At our tile store, you'll find various colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes in multiple textures and finishes- something for every style and budget.

When shopping for tile in Mt. Pleasant, SC, visit our showroom to find the perfect product for your remodel.


All tiles are strong. Predominantly when glazed, ceramic forms a tough outer shell and is almost impossible to crack.

Porcelain is tougher yet. Its composition includes clay, sand, and glass fired at higher temperatures.  

It’s an ultra-durable tile ideal for busy, high-traffic floors, such as in the kitchen. It can also be used indoors or outdoors on a patio, deck floors, and poolside.

As aesthetic as it is functional, porcelain comes in countless patterns, colors, and designs.


Tiles won’t harbor mold, bacteria, or dust mites. Neither porcelain nor ceramic tile needs harsh chemical cleaners, meaning no environmental impact. They don't emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), severe allergy triggers.

Low maintenance

Dirt sits right at the top, so it's easy to see. All your tile flooring needs is a wipe!

Visit out tile store for your flooring needs

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