Hardwood flooring offers plenty of benefits that will serve your home well. But if you've never experienced it before, the process can initially seem overwhelming.

Understanding the product line and services is a great way to start your remodel. Here are three questions with their answers to get you started.

Taking time to learn about wood floors

1. Are hardwood floors durable?
When you choose the proper species hardness and options, these floors are very durable. Hardwood flooring can withstand busy areas, pets, and children, with few signs left behind.

Acclimation and professional installation also help these floors perform well. Wood floors can last from 30 to more than 100 years with regular care.

2. Will hardwood flooring work with my decor?
There are extensive options for personalizing your wood floor look. Species, stain color, and textures are only the tip of the iceberg.

You'll also find trends that offer a wide range of looks. From whitewashed boards to wide plank formats, this material has it all.

3. Is hardwood easy to care for?
Once you choose the suitable species and finishes, you'll find these floors are straightforward to maintain. Next, we'll help you find solid or engineered wood flooring that works for your lifestyle to make it even easier.

We'll give you tips on which cleaners work best with your floors. And you can use area rugs for more protection in busy spaces.

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