Nylon makes up the highest percentage of carpet flooring bought in the industry. One of the reasons for this is that it's one of the most resilient fibers, offering outstanding performance in high-traffic spaces.

It also features many other extended benefits, making it an endless choice for homeowners at every budget level. Here are some facts that can help you find the perfect flooring faster than you thought.

Nylon is built on durability

As the most resilient synthetic fiber in carpeting, nylon is perfect for high-traffic spaces, especially with children and pets in the home. The carpet fibers spring back after wear, and a steam cleaner can fluff most fibers back to life in severe cases of matting.

This durability makes the flooring incredibly popular with all homeowners. Different nylon fibers offer different levels of protection, and we’ll help you choose one that caters to your needs best.

Nylon with extended benefits

Nylon is a good choice for high-traffic homes, but you can add more protection to your flooring. Ask about brands that add built-in stain and odor protection to their floors for impressive results that last for years.

When you choose our carpet store for a product like this, you’ll find the protection never wears off or washes away, so it’s there for the life of your flooring. And with the added durability, your floors naturally last longer too.

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